When forming an entity in Texas, there is no substitute for the use of professional legal aid. It is often far more expensive to fix problems in faulty entity filings than it is to draft the entity documents correctly the first time around.

Many clients are surprised to hear that the filing they completed using a national on-line service may not be sufficient to protect their business and personal assets or do not include all requisite documents needed to create a functioning entity ready to open bank accounts and enter into transactions. In addition, many nationalized forms do not work effectively with the Texas Business Organizational Codes specific state requirements. Some customers find they are missing forms while others are bombarded with a binder full of unnecessary documentation to justify unnecessarily high formation fees and expenses. There is no substitute for the professional services provided by a Texas attorney. 

I understand that business owners need to be able to budget and plan for legal fees and expenses. Therefore, I offer clients competitive, guaranteed flat fee rates for entity formation in Texas. 
Also, unlike other online sites, I provide customized entity documentation specific to Texas law rather than generic forms used in all states.  In addition, I guaranty that it will take no longer than four business days starting at the end of our consultation to acquire confirmation of filing from the Secretary of State and provide you with all requisite entity documentation. Also, a faster turnover is possible if needed.

**Please note that I am an attorney and not a CPA.  Accordingly, I cannot provide tax advise related to your entity structure. I strongly encourage clients to make all decisions regarding entity formation in Texas in conjunction with the advice of a CPA or tax professional. Let me know if you would like for me to provide referrals to qualified CPAs.

Please browse through our site for more information. If you have any specific questions please email me. 


My goal is to make the entity formation process as simple as possible while providing you with an understanding of the business structure so you can identify the purpose of each legal documentation drafted and feel confident in maintenance of your corporate structure.

In efforts to make this process as quick and smooth as possible, your individualized entity formation will be completed in just 5 simple steps.

Initial Questionnaire: You complete the initial questionnaire and agree to the firm's engagement terms. Upon receipt of (i) the initial questionnaire, (ii) the registered agent’s Acknowledgement (as defined below), and (iii) your acknowledgement and payment, I will review your initial questionnaire and email you with any follow-up questions I may have to determine your business needs within the entity structure. Feel free to email me with any general questions you may have in selecting an entity or filling out the questionnaire.

Background Preparation: Based on the information you provided and your business plan, needs and goals, I confirm your choice on entity or recommend an alternative form of entity with an explanation for you to review at your discretion. Note that I do not employ paralegals or administrative assistants to review your answers and provide legal opinions. Instead, your answers will be reviewed directly by ME, to ensure that you receive high quality legal expertise in servicing your needs. I will also flag any practical or legal concerns that need to be brought to your attention and suggest solutions. I will contact the Texas Secretary of State to check on name availability and will suggest alternative options in the event that your requested entity name is unavailable.

Drafting of Incorporation Documents: Once any areas of concerns with the questionnaire have been resolved, I draft the entity documents according to your stated needs and my recommendations, paying careful attention to unique requirements and potential pitfalls. I prepare all the legal documents you will need to create your company. This will include the following:

  • Certificate of Formation [to be filed with the Texas Secretary of State]
  • Operating Agreement/ Bylaws/ Partnership Agreement [internal company agreement outlining the procedures and guidelines of the entity. The Agreement will include specialized custom protection provisions based on your needs such as transfer restrictions, dispute resolution, buy-sell terms, rights of first refusal, tag-along-rights, and/or drag-along rights]Organizational Meeting Minutes [documenting the first meeting minutes of the entity and electing the first set of officers]*
  • I strongly recommend that you use a CPA to file the SS-4 IRS Form [acquisition of the entity’s EIN Number (Tax Id. No.) and the additional form for S-Corp tax election, if applicable]

Filing with Texas Secretary of State: I file the Certificate of Formation with the Texas Secretary of State. To accelerate the process, I may file the Certificate on-line. The Texas Secretary of State typically responds to an on-line filing within 1-2 business days of submittal. In addition, such filing saves on both expedited filing fees and Fed Ex delivery fees.

Upon confirmation of filing from the Texas Secretary of State I will send you all your new legal documents via email, along with detailed instructions on how to operate your new entity. I am available to answer any follow up questions.

Texas Entity formation services